Nintendo Geek Baby Pictures

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I procreate like a boss. I know all babies are cute and moms are totally biased, but seriously adorable baby maker right here! After months and months of procrastinating (seriously, the upkeep on an adorable baby is hardcore) I am finally getting around to sharing the photos from Geek Baby's newborn photos. I had a lot of fun working with my photographer, Julie Richards from Julia Richards


Originally posted on My Mom's Geeky So, we can all agree that germs are bad and without fail when you go to the grocery store you will get the cart the most recently had the snottiest kid ever made with the parent that is getting over the flu who was sneezing and coughing all over the handle and seat. Hence, the need for a cart cover. Cart covers are also a great way to make the cart

6 Months of Baby Cosplay

I have a hard time believing that I have been a mom for six months. It seems like forever and hardly at all at the same time. But here I am mom-ing it up and teaching him all the important things by watching Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels, cloth diapering and making my own baby food and of course the importance of homemade cosplays. I have been making Geek baby monthly cosplay as a part

26 Captain America Crafts

Veteran's Day is a special day to me. My husband is currently active military and my dad was a Marine for 10 years. It has been a great life and has provided to us in more ways than we could ever have hoped for. This Veteran's Day, I started to think of how we could celebrate this day in a fun, geeky way. Then it hit me, Captain America! Captain America is everyone's favorite soldier

Nintendo Launches Website “Play Nintendo” Just For Kids and Parents

Nintendo has been fighting to find its place in this new gaming world and it looks like Nintendo will be focusing their efforts on kids and families more than ever. Play Nintendo is a kid-friendly website clearly designed to be a kid-approved gaming site filled with tips, character information, game releases, wallpapers and more. The website is incredibly easy to navigate with big colorful boxes with pictures of their favorite Nintendo characters as the center of

Geek Wedding Mario Kart Style

My husband told me that he loved me because I kicked his butt at Mario Kart at his 24th Birthday party. I am not going to lie, I totally destroyed him. After getting engaged at Disneyland, we knew a Mario Kart themed wedding was the only way we could ever say 'I Do'. We sent over a year putting together our wedding, balancing between making it a nerdy-shabby chic affair vs. a kids birthday party. We speed into

Geek Mom: DIY No-Sew Baby Vest

I am the only one of my close friends that had a baby boy and I really wanted to make him some geek approved onesies since there weren’t a lot of pop-culture baby items out there.  So when I turned to the internet to look for DIY projects to make him cute things all I could find was a lot of pink and tulle and hair accessories. I was so disappointed by the lack of

Geek Mom: Birth Story

DISCLAIMER: This is the candid, unfiltered story of my pregnancy and birth of my son. Helping moms get a well rounded picture of what to expect when having a baby is important to me, both good and bad. If you are uncomfortable with the birthing process, please stop reading. The rest of you read at your own risk. Apparently, I am extremely fertile. Just a few nights of unprotected honeymoon sex and BAM, baby. I remember

Geek Mom: My First Month

I made a person! Like a flesh and blood, squishy person. Not only that, but I managed to keep him alive for a whole month. My little man is quite adorable, loves to climb up on your chest and calms down to the sounds of Star Wars. I have had so much fun dressing him in cute clothes, shopping on ThinkGeek and Etsy, and having my heart melt when he falls asleep on my chest.

Reading Rainbow Needs Your Help!

“Butterfly in the sky…” Don’t deny it, you know what comes next. In fact, every person over the age of 10 knows what comes next. Since 1983, LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow have been teaching children the importance of reading, exploring and learning. But since 2009 we all have been wondering and wanting more. I know as a new mom, I am obsessed with thinking about the future education of my son and how