26 Captain America Crafts

Veteran’s Day is a special day to me. My husband is currently active military and my dad was a Marine for 10 years. It has been a great life and has provided to us in more ways than we could ever have hoped for. This Veteran’s Day, I started to think of how we could celebrate this day in a fun, geeky way. Then it hit me, Captain America! Captain America is everyone’s favorite soldier and means so much to so many people (including those in the Military.)

So, here are 26 Captain America crafts to help celebrate one of America’s greatest superheroes and of course all current and former military members.

Originally posted on My Mom’s Geeky



Superhero Top Hats – Link
Crochet Captain American shoes – Link
Captain America Papercraft – Link
Captain America Perler Bead Pattern – Link
Red, White and Blue Captain American Cuffs – Link
Captain America Amigurumi Crochet Doll – Link
Captain American Hair Bow – Link
Captain American Cozy Coupe – Link
Captain America Finger Puppets – Link
3D Captain America Perler Beads – Link
Captain America Toilet Paper Characters – Link
Captain America Pintata – Link
Snailvengers: Captain America – Link
Solider out of Time – Link
Captain America Tie-Dye Shirt – Link
Captain America Headband – Link
aptain American Hair Clips – Link
Captain America Bookmarks – Link
With Ever Little Boy Lies Courage Of A Superhero – Link 
Captain America Flower Pot – Link
Little Boys Are Just Superheroes In Disguise – Link
Captain America Shield made with string – Link
Captain America Jumping Jack Puppet – Link
DIY Captain America Costume – Link
Captain America Perler Bead Pattern (chibi) – Link
DIY Captain America Shield – Link

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