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So, we can all agree that germs are bad and without fail when you go to the grocery store you will get the cart the most recently had the snottiest kid ever made with the parent that is getting over the flu who was sneezing and coughing all over the handle and seat. Hence, the need for a cart cover.

Cart covers are also a great way to make the cart not so hard and, if done right, a little smart storage for your shopping trip.

I personally really hate how all the commercial cart covers I find are so cutesy and boring. If I see one more cute zoo animal, floral print or airplanes on a baby stuff I might just flip my shit. It was time for me to take matters into my own hands.

One trip to Hancock fabrics fleece section and the idea for a Batman cart cover came to be and this blog was created. I found this tutorial and used it as the base for my project.

  • 1.5 yards of fleece
  • 1.5 yards of another fabric, I recommend a knit
  • 2 yards of 1-inch elastic
  • 2 large buttons
  • Matching thread
  • 5 inch x 5 inch square with rounded corners
  • Large safety pin

I chose Batman fleece. I love this fabric because it is dark, soft and cozy. Here is what you need to get started. I also selected a plain black knot for the bottom. Together these fabrics will easily hide dirt and stains while also being soft and warm.

I also really simplified the instructions and materials from the Tip Toe Fairy. I hate basting and all that other stuff just seemed liked too much work.

Let’s get started:

  1. Cut both pieces at 42 x42. Round the edges of all the corners.
  2. Cut out leg holes in both fabrics. Here is where you do it.
    diy cart cover
  3. Now to make the pocket and toy straps. Cut a rectangle 5 inches by 12 inches for the pocket and then cut two strips 1 inch by 4 inches for the toy straps.
  4. Fold down one of the longest side to make a seam, about ½ inches.
  5. Sew the straps 3 inches from the edges of the rectangle. This is what is should look like
    diy cart cover
  6. Now sew the pocket onto the fleece/design cover. Center and place the pocket 2 inches below the leg holes on the 13 inches side between the leg holes. The bottom of the pocket should be closest to the leg holes. Both materials should be pretty side up.
  7. Using a zig zag stitch, sew the pocket to the cover. Make sure to leave the side farthest from the leg holes unstitched/open. Then sew a straight stitch through the middle of the pocket making two pockets.
  8. Now to sew the two pieces of the cover together. Pin and sew around the edges of the fabric. You will do TWO seams. The first is the outside one to hold it together. Sew and turn it inside out so the nice side is on the outside.
    The second seam should be 1 and ½ inches from the first seam to hold in the elastic. Leave a 3-4 inch hole in the same place so you can thread the elastic. It is all black, so I couldn’t get a picture to show what it looks like.
  9. Now to sew the legs together. Now I tried to sew a basting cover around the hole and got really frustrated. Instead, I did a zig zag stitch as close to edge as I could get. (Again, black on black, so no picture.)
  10. On to elastic. Now sew together the two pieces of elastic with an inch of both overlapping. Something like this.
    diy cart cover
  11. Using the large safety-pin, fasten it to the elastic and feed it through the gap around the edge. Make sure you keep enough elastic out of the edge so you can sew to two pieces together.
    diy cart cover diy cart cover diy cart cover
  12. Close both seams together, closing the seams. (Almost done!)
    diy cart cover
  13. Sew on the giant buttons where the pocket and straps meet.
    diy cart cover
  14. Cut slits on the other ends of the straps, 1 inch, to make a button hole. Do a zig zag stitch around the hole to keep it from fraying.
  15. Stretch out the fabric around the elastic and you are all done!

Bonus, you are wanting to add belt strap holes, measure from the back/center of the leg holes 12 inches and cut slits and sew a zig zag stitch around the holes.

And that is it! The pocket can be used for your wallet and/or cell phone and the straps allow for you to have a place to attach toys to the cover so they don’t fall on the floor.

Enjoy your cart cover and keep those little ones safe from germs and bumps while looking geeking awesome!

diy cart cover

diy cart cover
See how you just button the loop of a favorite toy in with the strapes. Now you don’t have to worry about dropping toys on the dirty floor.

diy cart cover


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