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11 Summer Movie Haiku


Summer will end soon
The good movies will dry up
Time for some haiku


11. Miller’s Follow Up
To his hit film Sin City
Is the same movie


10. A tree, a raccoon,
Two green people, and Chris Pratt
Are box office gold


9. Michael Bay reboot
Of classic TMNT
Makes them look like Shreks


8. King of the Monsters
Godzilla returns to film,
Stomps Breaking Bad dude


7. Expendables 3
Proves that old stars do not fade
But maybe they should


6. X-Men Future Past
Wolverine goes back in time
Quicksilver zips by


5. ScarJo is Lucy
She uses all of her brain
Bad premise, fun film


4. New Transformers film
Mark is better than Shia
But not by too much


3. A young boy grows up
Cameras film his first twelve years
All for an Oscar


2. Planet of the Apes
Sequel, called Dawn, implies more
Killing of men. Yay!


1. Episode Seven
Has not yet started filming,
But still the fans gripe


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