Top 11 Comic Book Changes During the Summer

Art by Brendan Tobin
Art by Brendan Tobin

Summer is here, and temperatures are on the rise. Here are how some of your favorite comic book characters deal with the heat…


11. Iceman becomes the most popular X-Man.


10. Flash shuffles its casting to focus exclusively on Captain Cold.


9. The Human Torch has been banned from New York City.


8. More and more female heroines are sporting the Moondragon look.


7. Iron Man retrofits his armor with a swamp cooler.


6. Batman devotes his all his time to fighting Mr Freeze.


5. This much sunlight makes Superman an insufferable prick.


4. Ant Man must avoid windows due to the “Magnifying Glass” effect.


3. With less nighttime and fewer shadows, ninjas see a severe drop in their business.


2. Mockingbird and the Falcon migrate north for the summer.


1. SHIELD spends a lot more time running operations into Siberia.


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