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See all the reveals and learn about the new books and comics coming soon to our galaxy — along with some big The Acolyte casting news.

As the Star Wars: The High Republic initiative approaches Phase III, the storytelling across multiple platforms remains as active as ever. Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 hosted an exciting panel on The High Republic, moderated by Krystina Arielle, host of Star Wars: The High Republic Show. The panel included renowned authors Claudia Gray, Lydia Kang, George Mann, Daniel José Older, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule, as well as James Waugh, vice president of the franchise story team at Lucasfilm, and Michael Siglain, publishing creative director. The hour-long panel was filled with surprises including appearances by special guests, such as Leslye Headland, and teasers about the connections between The Acolyte and previously-introduced Jedi characters. Additionally, there were many exciting new reveals about books and comics in The High Republic series.

We’re about to meet Vernestra Rwoh in the flesh.

star wars the high republic

In Phase I of the books and comics, Vern was a precocious young Jedi Knight who once apprenticed to Stellan Gios. But in a huge surprise at the panel, it was announced that Rebecca Henderson will bring the character to life in the live-action The Acolyte, coming 2024 to Disney+. That bodes well for Vernestra’s chances of survival as we get ready for Phase III.

A new author is joining the era!

Fans of Marvel’s Doctor Aphra series know writer Alyssa Wong well, and they’re the latest addition to the growing family of authors entrusted with collaborating on the Star Wars: The High Republic books and comics. With a story appearing in the YA anthology Tales of Light and Life, Wong will fully dive in during Phase III of the initiative. The panel also debuted an enticing teaser poster for Phase III in the era, dubbed Trials of the Jedi.

George Mann will kick off Phase III with the first adult novel.

star wars the high republic

Titled The Eye of Darkness, the story will bring us back to the Nihil in a tale set about a year after the fall of Starlight Beacon. The novel arrives in November 2023, and will be followed by two other adult novels to round out the trilogy: Temptation of the Force by Tessa Gratton coming in the summer of 2024, and the final novel of Phase III, Trials of the Jedi by Charles Soule in spring of 2025.

Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland are teaming up again!

star wars the high republic

The co-authors of Phase II’s Path of Deceit with reunite for the first YA in Phase III, Defy the Storm, out in March of 2024. The trilogy of young adult books in Phase III will be completed by Tears of the Nameless by George Mann coming in the fall of 2024 and Into the Light by Claudia Gray, arriving in the spring of 2025.

Daniel José Older and Alyssa Wong will co-write the first middle-grade book in Phase III.

star wars the high republic

Coming in January 2024, Older and Wong will co-write the first middle-grade entry in Phase III, Escape from Valo. To complete the trio, Zoraida Córdova will write the sequel, Beware the Nameless, arriving in summer 2024, and the third middle grade book, A Valiant Vow, will be penned by Justina Ireland and arrive in spring 2025.

Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic will continue.

star wars the high republic

As many fans have hoped and guessed, the flagship High Republic comic will carry on through Phase III, once again written by Cavan Scott. The first issue arrives in December 2023.

Short fiction will once again be found in the pages of Star Wars Insider.

star wars the high republic

This time, author Lydia Kang will pen the serialized fiction with short stories that begin this October in Chronicles from the Occlusion Zone.

But before Phase III begins, there are still new stories coming to end Phase II, which will culminate in the Night of Sorrow.

star wars the high republic

A teaser poster for the epic finale of Phase II shows a Jedi, Oliviah Zeveron, and the Mother, leader of the Path of the Open Hand, each reflected in the eyes of a fearsome creature.

And we got our first look at interior spreads from the Viz manga, Star Wars: The High Republic: Edge of Balance: Precedent.

The pages introduce Ravna and her connection to Arkoff and give us our first look at the Battle of Dalna. 

For all the biggest announcements from Star Wars Celebration 2023, head HERE.

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