Downsizing | Movie Review

Imagine a world where people are only 5 inches tall and the sociology, economic, and environmental effects it would have. Downsizing poses several questions with its unique concept and social commentary. At times it has powerful humanistic moments driven by incredible acting and humorous elements to keep it light. However, while

Darkest Hour | Movie Review

In 2017 we've seen a resurgence in the World War II genre, with powerhouses such as Dunkirk, The Man with the Iron Heart, and now Darkest Hour. While other films this year have taken a more action-packed route, Darkest Hour focuses on the behind the scenes politics of England during

The Disaster Artist | Movie Review

You're tearing me apart, James Franco.  If you have experienced the phenomenon known as The Room then you may expect a behind the scenes bio-pic would answer some of your burning questions about the origins of the filmmaker, Tommy Wiseau. However, this film has no answers, only more questions, and speculation.

My Little Pony: The Movie | Movie Review

My Little Pony movie review

My Little Pony has become an icon for children's entertainment on television and while the franchise has dived into feature films before, My Little Pony: The Movie, is the first to bring a big budget and star power to its cast. Focusing on the Mane 6, the series main protagonists,

Churchill | Movie Review

In a year where several films will be released centering around the life of Winston Churchill, Jonathan Teplitzky's Churchill is a lackluster entry. While Brian Cox shines in the titular role, not much else can be said about this overly ambitious but faulty film.This historical biopic focuses on the days leading

American Gods | The Redemption of Diegesis

american gods

American Gods Season One episode 4, has left many people scratching their heads with the deviation from the central story of Shadow Moon's journey with Mr. Wednesday, to the abrupt backstory of Laura Moon. While this backstory serves as a good introduction to Laura Moon, aka The Dead Wife, it

AMERICAN GODS | A Stylish Kind of Hell

american gods

This isn't a show for the masses but it certainly is worth your curiosity. To say that American Gods is akin to Bryan Fuller's previous work on Hannibal is selling it short only because it's stylistically similar. Where Hannibal explores the root of humanity and it's darkest fears, American