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Favorite Moment of PCC

blue beetle, booster gold, comics, convention, dc, geeks, jettie monday, justice league, katy mor, nerd girls, nerds, oreos, PCC, phoenix comiconI’ve been getting this question a lot.

My favorite moment at the convention is pretty damn nerdy. And that’s why it’s my favorite. It’s a perfect example of chicks nerding out just as much as any dude.

The only thing I would have changed is the audience. I wish more people had been there to witness it!

Setup: Katy and I were dressed as Blue Beetle and Booster Gold (respectively) and had some prints for sale on a table. One of the prints was of us with some Oreos cookies. (Shhh, don’t tell Martian Manhunter!) A couple of anime-fan teen girls came up and asked if we were on the Dark Side.

Jettie: Of course not! We’re heroes!
Girl: Oh, but you have cookies. (referencing the funny quote “come to the Dark Side, we have cookies”)
Katy: Oh, we stole those.
Girl: But you just said you were good guys!
Jettie: Well, *I* have never stolen anything in my life! It must have been Blue Beetle.

The girl didn’t get our jokes and lost interest while we lol’d pretty heavily in our own little world.

This is one of those moments that I really wish somebody (preferably with a camera) had been there to witness it, because it was so saturated in geeky nerd-girl goodness that I just wanted to throw this moment in all the haters’ faces! “They’re hot girls dressed up, they don’t know anything about comics!” We totally do! And we shtick it up with the BEST of you nerd boys! Just cause we’ve got boobs instead of beer bellies doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with the most hard-core of basement dwellers!

Nerds come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Don’t dismiss our nerdiness just because we can also look cute. A lot of us are totally down for an Iron Man vs. Batman debate!

PS: …Iron Man could totally beat Batman. 😉

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