Warner Bros “The Big Picture” Presentation at CinemaCon 2015

warner bros

On day two of CinemaCon Warner Bros rolled out the red carpet in a star-studded presentation of their upcoming films for 2015 and 2016. President of Warner Bros Kevin Tsujihara announced record sales for the media giant in 2014 and a long list of highly anticipated films in the coming years.

CinemaCon 2014: Sony Presentation Recap

The Sony Pictures presentation at CinemaCon was packed with a full slate of Sony's upcoming films. Almost everything the studio mentioned had an extended trailer to go along with it, including 30 minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The films showcased at the event were 22 Jump Street, Deliver Us

Let’s All Really Pretend

Once upon a time there was a little boy who liked to play pretend. He and his friends would meet at the neighborhood park (or vacant lot, etc.) and come up with various games. They would find sticks that would transform into either swords or guns with the power of

Multiplayer Gaming, Bringing People Together

We all have stories about the emotional resonance some games have had with us. There's always the story about how seeing a beloved character die in a game made you cry, or how the ending to your favorite sci-fi gaming trilogy enraged you to the point of swearing off gaming