Comic Review: Knightingail #2

While I wasn’t entirely sold on the first issue, I liked the fact that writer Wayne Gardiner focused on the fun aspect of this story. It’s silly and drawn out, but still it’s something that would appeal to kids and kids alone. Knightingail #2 continues in this fashion, as the silly dialogue once again runs rampant. Without enough laughs and thematic elements, Knightingail #2 does nothing for an adult audience, but the plot’s engaging and the character’s are very likable. A true book for kids.knightingail-cover-2

The art is once again the stand-out this time around, as Mel Joy San Juan draws a darker — light, I mean — issue. With a larger cast on display here it’s nice to know that San Juan can create distinct and memorable characters in a sequential form. If Knightingail was an art show, it’d be a must-buy for all ages.

This is a book to pick up for your kids. Gardiner writes fresh dialogue and packs a lot of story into a small issue. It’s a bit of a shame that this doesn’t appeal much to older ages — books like Superman Family Adventures spoil me, I guess — but still that’s not the focus. Knightingail is once again a fun family book, perfectly able to be read and enjoyed by young boys and girls.


Rating: 3/5

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