A Geeky Summer Reading List: Blog Edition!

Remember when being a geek meant having a cache of esoteric knowledge at your fingertips, usually on some hyper-specific topic like the technical differences between different computer monitors or Linux hacks? Even better, remember the glory days when even knowing what Linux was in the first place gave you geek cred?

Today, thanks to the Internet, it’s all too easy to access formerly hidden gems of arcane knowledge. Compounded with the fact that everyone in the universe now claims to be a geek of some sort, being an actual geek without accidentally crossing the line into hipster has become almost difficult.

Even allegedly “geek” blogs like Gizmodo, Endgadget and ForeverGeek have become suspiciously mainstream.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of geeky blogs full of stats, info and irrelevance, all just a finger swipe away on your phone or tablet.


If you’re a horror geek and truly enjoy delving deep into the blood and guts of horror, film, collectibles, and culture, this is the site for you. Sicko-Psychotic a green ghoul that reviews horror film classics going as far back as the 1920s, catalogs classic horror television like the original Dark Shadows series, makes handy lists of blood-splattered must reads, scans banned horror comics from the 1950s and pays homage to the more mainstream greats like Bella Lugosi. Well-researched but always horrifyingly informative, if it was ever killed, resurrected or anything in between, you’ll find it here. It’s not all vintage, however. It’s also the perfect place to brush up on your The Walking Dead background.


Sherlock EverywhereI Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Technically, this is a podcast, although the accompanying blog, written by official Baker Street Irregulars (as in, invited by the London-based literary society founded by Christopher Morley) is the best online authority for those who take being a Sherlock Holmes geek seriously.

The site has a decidedly scholarly bent, but topics can be interesting for the casual fan as well. Past posts have answered the question of what really makes one a Sherlockian (as opposed to a fan or devotee), a play  commissioned by Jeremy Brett himself and even fathers and father figures  featured in the Canon.


Linguistics Research Digest

Linguistics Research Digest

Word nerds and self-styled grammar geeks already know that it’s actually perfectly OK to end a sentence with a preposition and that journalists don’t use the Oxford comma.

AP No Oxford Comma

(I’ve been a reporter for seven years, so don’t bother talking to me about the “missing” comma in the last sentence of the intro.) But for language geeks who want to go a step further without the bother of earning a lexicography degree, this handy blog is perfect. Each post summarizes the latest discoveries, trends and insights into language (not to be confused with grammar) from scholarly journal publications into layman-friendly articles. You’ll learn all kinds of things about the way people speak, from why Lolspeak is more than just fun for icanhazcheezeburger fans to whether you sang or sung that song.


Girl Gone Geek

Girl Gone Geek

This is a fun site by and for girl geeks that delves into standard geek topics, including comics, video games and film and TV but also has some fun regular features, including Tattoo Tuesday and Etsy Crush of the Week. You don’t really have to be a girl to enjoy the geeky goodness on this site, but it helps.


Comic Vine

Comic Vine

OK, fine, this blog is almost-kinda-sorta-mainstream. But it’s also too good of a comics site to pass up. In addition to reviews and what’s new in comics, my favorite page on this site is the Wiki that covers characters, story arcs and more. The site’s self-professed goal is to create the world’s largest online encyclopedia using a combination of research, expertise and crowd sourcing. The result is really quite impressive and worth checking out.

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