Logic | The Incredible True Story

Logic Rapper

For those unfamiliar, Logic is a Maryland based Hip Hop artist. He is currently on tour, The Incredible World Tour, for his sophomore album: The Incredible True Story. Many acquainted with Logic and his music knows that he is all about three things: peace, love and positivity. He preaches about

11 Great Nerd References in Music

Over the last few years, geeks have been extending their tendrils into all areas of pop culture. They already had comic books and video games, and in recent years, they are poised to take over movies and television as well. Disney just announced that they will be rebranding part of

A Geeky Summer Reading List: Blog Edition!

Remember when being a geek meant having a cache of esoteric knowledge at your fingertips, usually on some hyper-specific topic like the technical differences between different computer monitors or Linux hacks? Even better, remember the glory days when even knowing what Linux was in the first place gave you geek cred? Today, thanks to

Introducing – Two Metal Wenches

Beyond the dark forests of Nihilism, surrounded by only the deepest desolation, there lived two wenches. They were not your ordinary mead serving, promiscuous, working class women, but they were... METAL WENCHES OF EPICNESS! Introducing: Ashley Nyal, the Canadian Empress,  and Kiara Scrafano, the Italian Monarch. Join these two dedicated