Logic | The Incredible True Story

Logic Rapper

For those unfamiliar, Logic is a Maryland based Hip Hop artist. He is currently on tour, The Incredible World Tour, for his sophomore album: The Incredible True Story. Many acquainted with Logic and his music knows that he is all about three things: peace, love and positivity. He preaches about

Welcome to Nerd Fitness Corner

Hi, I'm Daniel. Six years, I was over 220 pounds and let's be honest it was all fat. It was affecting my health, my mental state and ruining the quality of my life. In 6 months, I lost over 70 pounds and that's what started my journey in fitness. Now,

11 Days of Geekmas

On the eleventh day of geekmas, a True Nerd gave to me…   Eleven great list items Ten Pre-Smith Doctors Nine Ring wraiths riding Eight Potter movies Seven Justice Leaguers Six cosmic gemstones Five evil Kirks Four Fantastic Heroes Three crappy prequels Two Wonder Twins And a power ring with a battery

Atomic Fallout Society Episode #1

The Atomic Fallout Society makes their début on GNN. Recorded via Fist Head Studio in Gilbert listen to Brian Smith, David Sabal, and Chris Lilagan as the discuss geek news as coherently as possible. This week the boys have Hong Le as a guest host on board. Check out the fan

A Geeky Summer Reading List: Blog Edition!

Remember when being a geek meant having a cache of esoteric knowledge at your fingertips, usually on some hyper-specific topic like the technical differences between different computer monitors or Linux hacks? Even better, remember the glory days when even knowing what Linux was in the first place gave you geek cred? Today, thanks to