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Transworld: A Mecca for the Scared Geek


Most who walk into our living room, look around with a sort-of awed reserve. Jason Vorhees is the main theme, with other horror movie stuff taking up the rest of the space, including a Predator bobble-head (the Hulk takes up a lot of space as well). Our collection of Alien and Terminator autographed photos have yet to be put up, with a Machiko-Predator painting in the works to fill the main wall.

Along with this unnatural love for the horror genre, Jason’s family has owned and operated a Halloween Trail for the past five years, three of which I’ve had the privilege to be involved with. Because of this ownership, Transworld’s Halloween and Attractions show has been a destination we’ve had our eye on for a couple of years. Being able to get there this year was a great treat, and we totally plan on being there again next year, hopefully with more time to gather some interviews from the many amazing vendors and guests.

Focused on owner/operators of Halloween and like attractions, Transworld is filled with vendors offering everything from make-up tips, to cool snacks, to insurance, to spectacular animatronics; all that assist in giving patrons the scare of their life. Simply being there to wander the halls of creativity, focused in scaring, was so much fun, spawning new ideas and ways to bring life old ideas.

Our trail, Swamp Road Terror, located in the tiny swamp of Brewerton, New York, is an attraction featuring a haunted house and haunted trail, filled with characters that oozed from Jason’s imagination, one of which is being used in our current movie production. This use of unique characters limits our spending ability at a show such as this, but the tables of craftsman who specialize in creating large sets, and foam structures, were invaluable in their utilities and information. Materials needed to coat Styrofoam sculptures into hard-as-nails backdrops and props, new designs in air-brushes, and the ability to watch masters of their craft at work, help stir the creative juices, and open paths to self-motivation. This last bit is priceless, by itself making every penny spent getting there, being there, and getting home, worth it.


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