Tankbread, by Paul Mannering: A Review

TLYyvNefREI am not as crazy a zombie fan as seems to be the fad these days, but I did like the idea of a REAL zombie apocalypse story. Tankbread, by Paul Mannering seemed to fall into that category, and being in the under $2 camp, I was all over it…

First person POV is lazy. That’s my opinion, and often I won’t get past the first couple of pages if I see this, though I have been getting better at giving books a try over this snub. I’ll allow the argument that it tends to work in the YA section, but beyond that, not so much. That arrogantly being stated, I did like this book. Gritty and no-nonsense, the main character is easy to like, the story well paced, with some great action sequences that made the book real for me. The ending was a bit rushed, though I’m beginning to think there’s some weird issue I have with endings, as I’m finding this a common occurrence in the indie novels I’ve been reading. (I’d love to hear other comments about that).

Finding himself on an expedition across Australia, and back again, through a world taken over, and run, by the walking dead, the main character finds himself protecting a Tankbread; human beings created to feed the population of zombies, and give the rest of humanity time to figure out how to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

If you like a good zombie adventure, I would recommend this book. An easy, entertaining read, Paul Mannering put together a well crafted story.


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