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geeky cloth diapers

What will really kill any cloth diaper budget are super cute fluff designs. Once you have your stash all built up, staring at the same boring solid colors and prints can drive any geek crazy. Just like we geeks like our t-shirt collection, shouldn’t your baby’s butt also reflect your personal tastes and fandom? It absolutely should! What’s nice is that there are existing fun designs and also those who are able to make custom designs for usually a reasonable price. The best place to start searching is Etsy, and even if you can’t find anything you love, a lot of them will happily make a custom design for you.

Here are a few of favorites.

geeky cloth diapers geeky cloth diapers geeky cloth diapers geeky cloth diapers

Get them here: Star WarsNinja Turtles, Superman, Kirby, Mushroom, NES controller, 11th Doctor, Cybermen, The Silence


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