Paintography is a new term coined by the artistic collaborative team of Asa Plum and Michelle Penington. Dreams Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona will be featuring Paintography in the gallery. Dreams Gallery is located on the corner of Main Street and Marshall Way and is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am – 5 pm and by appointment. Dreams Gallery is a featured gallery during the weekly Thursday evening Art Walks (7 pm-9 pm). Asa Plum

GEEK MOM – Review: The Baby Owner’s Manual

The only parenting book you will ever need! The Internet freaks me out! Don’t get me wrong; I love being able to find any piece of information, staying connected through social media and of course online streaming. But when you are pregnant with your first kid, trying to sort through all the information can be just as complicated as trying to get San Diego Comic Con tickets. This lead to my husband's ban on the Internet. He

GEEK MOM – Rock-A-Bums New 2.0 #RockItUp Giveaway

Rock-A-Bums isn’t your normal, every day cloth diaper. Yes, it will still do what cloth diapers are meant to do, but Rock-A-Bums is a 5-in-1 diaper that can be used as an All-In-One, Pocket and Diaper Cover all in one hybrid diaper. Additionally, these rocker inspired diapers promise to be easy to use, have a poopy blow out protector and they're leak free. Blogger ‘Just Me And The Boys’ did an excellent write about Rock-A-Bums

GEEK MOM – Geekiest Cloth Diapers

What will really kill any cloth diaper budget are super cute fluff designs. Once you have your stash all built up, staring at the same boring solid colors and prints can drive any geek crazy. Just like we geeks like our t-shirt collection, shouldn't your baby's butt also reflect your personal tastes and fandom? It absolutely should! What's nice is that there are existing fun designs and also those who are able to make custom

Let’s All Really Pretend

Once upon a time there was a little boy who liked to play pretend. He and his friends would meet at the neighborhood park (or vacant lot, etc.) and come up with various games. They would find sticks that would transform into either swords or guns with the power of their imagination. With each new day, the playground would change from Robin Hood’s forest, to a far-off alien planet, or a city-scape where super heroes

Top Ten DIY Geek Craft Sites

With the fall weather comes cooler nights that awaken within me my crafting spirit. After all, Christmas is around the corner and each year my crafty gifts have to out do the year before. Some nights, it's harder than others to be inspired. On nights where projects flop and patience wears thin, I turn to other DIY blogs and sites for a creative recharge. Below are my top ten sites for DIY Geek Crafts. 10. The

Should The Silmarillion be a Film Series of its Own?

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy was a huge (and expensive) undertaking, wherein a massive $281 million budget was put towards realizing Middle Earth, an alternate, self-contained world, complete with its own geography, species, languages, and cultures. The films were extremely successful and went on to become one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time, and the highest grossing trilogy of all time. The films all

Conspiracy Weekly: Bad UFO Photos

So this one drives me nuts: today’s XKCD points out that cameras have proliferated to such a degree, we still don’t have any definitive proof of UFOs, thus disproving them. Now, most CW columns are generally skeptical in tone.  I love conspiracy theories, but the vast majority of them are just good campfire stories.  But I will concede that I’m very convinced that there’s something flying around that hasn’t been explained to my satisfaction.  I largely

A Geeky Summer Reading List: Blog Edition!

Remember when being a geek meant having a cache of esoteric knowledge at your fingertips, usually on some hyper-specific topic like the technical differences between different computer monitors or Linux hacks? Even better, remember the glory days when even knowing what Linux was in the first place gave you geek cred? Today, thanks to the Internet, it’s all too easy to access formerly hidden gems of arcane knowledge. Compounded with the fact that everyone in the universe now claims

Next-Generation Gaming as it Applies to Creating Personalized Worlds

During the current console generation roleplaying games went through their fair share of changes. We saw RPGs branch out from being solely identified as something akin to Final Fantasy styled stories about heroes, villains and a tale of a world, into fully realized worlds and universes. With games like The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion we were given a glimpse of what a fully-realized open world, where anything -- within the confines of the game's logic or