Paintography is a new term coined by the artistic collaborative team of Asa Plum and Michelle Penington. Dreams Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona will be featuring Paintography in the gallery. Dreams Gallery is located on the corner of Main Street and Marshall Way and is open Tuesday through Saturday

Top Ten DIY Geek Craft Sites

With the fall weather comes cooler nights that awaken within me my crafting spirit. After all, Christmas is around the corner and each year my crafty gifts have to out do the year before. Some nights, it's harder than others to be inspired. On nights where projects flop and patience

Should The Silmarillion be a Film Series of its Own?

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy was a huge (and expensive) undertaking, wherein a massive $281 million budget was put towards realizing Middle Earth, an alternate, self-contained world, complete with its own geography, species, languages, and cultures. The films were extremely successful and

Conspiracy Weekly: Bad UFO Photos

So this one drives me nuts: today’s XKCD points out that cameras have proliferated to such a degree, we still don’t have any definitive proof of UFOs, thus disproving them. Now, most CW columns are generally skeptical in tone.  I love conspiracy theories, but the vast majority of them are just

A Geeky Summer Reading List: Blog Edition!

Remember when being a geek meant having a cache of esoteric knowledge at your fingertips, usually on some hyper-specific topic like the technical differences between different computer monitors or Linux hacks? Even better, remember the glory days when even knowing what Linux was in the first place gave you geek cred? Today, thanks to