Star Trek Captain and Real-Life Physicist Renounce “Documentary”

Various click-bait sites are abuzz as Arizona State University’s Professor Lawrence Krauss and Star Trek alum Kate Mulgrew have been allegedly linked to a documentary arguing for a geocentric universe. A geocentric universe is long-discredited idea that the sun revolves around the Earth. The documentary, called The Principal, is an exploration

Bielefeld Does Not Exist?

Do you known anyone from Bielefeld? Have you ever been to Bielefeld? Do you know anyone who’s ever been to Bielefeld? The city of Bielefeld is allegedly located in North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany.  The population is supposedly about 323,000.  But no one on the Internet has been able to substantiate the existence of


Many towns are lousy with crude, spray painted signs advising you to Google chemtrails. Conspiracy nuts hold that chemtrails are evidence that the government is spraying something, without our knowledge or consent, from high altitude jets. As evidence, proponents hold that normal contrails, the white, linear trails that form when aircraft

Conspiracy Weekly: Underground Bases

  As a change of pace, this week's story has more than a grain of truth to it. Various organs of the United States government, as well as foreign nations' agencies, have underground facilities.  During the Cold War, it was common for military bases to include underground fallout shelters and command centers

Conspiracy Weekly: The Klerksdorp Spheres

Klerksdorp Spheres are the archetypal OOPA. OOPAs, or Out Of Place Artifacts are the holy grail of several different fringe groups.  An OOPA is an artifact that appears too advanced for its time.  Ancient alien theorists hold them up as examples of contact with a more advanced species.  Creationists hold them

Conspiracy Weekly: 1962 Mars Landing

This video clip and the accompanying conspiracy theory  is a personal favorite of mine.  Supposedly, at least one joint American-Soviet mission to Mars took place in the early sixties.  This sounds insane, but there’s video proof to back it up. The video consists of a spacecraft (Marscraft?) descending on the surface

The Face on Mars Gets Company

In a story first brought to everyone's attention by Reddit, a Mars rover has accidentally gone the route of many a tagger, and drew a penis in the sands of Mars with its tire tracks. Every time this story gets posted on a news site, one of the first comments has the word

In Soviet Russia, Space Probe is Discovered By You

More than half of the space probes humanity sends to Mars go missing.  For lander missions, the failure rate is even higher; more than two-thirds go MIA.  This "curse" was even playfully nicknamed "The Great Galactic Ghoul" by Time Magazine journalist Donald Neff, which went on to inspire an episode