Pley: Think Netflix for Legos


As someone who’s been playing with Legos since they were simple, I perked up when I heard about a new service called PLEY.

Pley is a service that lets you rent Lego kits. It’s one of those ideas that you kick yourself for not thinking of first. After a minute of wondering how the details of such a service work, you realize that Netflix has figured out most of the details of such a business model.

Once you subscribe and pay the monthly fee ($15 for small kits, $25 for medium, and $39 for large), Pley mails you a box containing instructions and all the Lego bricks you need to make your kit. There’s no time limit on how long you can keep your set, but once you decide your done, you just mail it back in the provided box and the next one in your queue arrives in 2-3 business days. Currently they have a variety of Lego lines available, including Star Wars, Batman, and others.

Similar to Netflix, you might run into issues like the occasional missing piece (either your fault or someone or the last jerk to check out that particular kit), and they have policies in place for this eventuality. You are allowed to loose up to 15 pieces per set with no penalty. And if your set arrives with a missing piece, they will mail out a replacement. And sanitation is assured; Pley’s FAQ assures users that the pieces are sterilized to FDA standard between users. And–and I like this part–if you absolutely fall in love with your kit and want to keep it, you can purchase the set at a slight discount.

If they ever get the classic Monorail Transport Base, I may have to break down and get the large-size subscription.

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