The Face on Mars Gets Company

I wasn't sure if I should put this in the GNN upload or "funny pictures" file on my computer.
Whatever is in the bottom left of the screen is apparently unspeakably filthy.

In a story first brought to everyone’s attention by Reddit, a Mars rover has accidentally gone the route of many a tagger, and drew a penis in the sands of Mars with its tire tracks.

Every time this story gets posted on a news site, one of the first comments has the word “accidentally” in quotation marks.  The resemblance to something sharpied on a bathroom wall is uncanny.

The tracks were made by one of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers, either Spirit or Opportunity.  Since Spirit has been stuck in sands of Mars since 2010, this image most likely came from Opportunity, depending on how old the image is.  The Mars Exploration Rovers cost over $800 million to get to Mars and operate.  These rovers landed over ten years ago, and have traverse more than ten kilometers of the Martian surface between them.  These probes were only intended to last months, but have spent years roaming the surface of Mars.  While they generally only grab the public’s attention when they create phallic doodles, these probes have made major contributions to our understanding of Mars, including the discovery of minerals consistent with past water on the planet’s surface.

Oddly, this image illustrates a concept in psychology.  The human brain is well-adapted to look for familiar patterns and images.  It’s so good at this, it will often imagine images where there are none (though I admit in this case it’s pretty obvious).  This comes up often in images from Mars.  The infamous Face on Mars, as well as the Elephant on Mars both stem from this tendency.  Psychologists call this phenomena pareidolia.

Photo by JPL/NASA
But Mars Bigfoot is totally real.

You can find the original image on NASA’s website at this link.


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