GNN Podcast | Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 12

It’s good to be a villain! This week's GNN Weekly Wrap Up takes our hosts to the side of anti-heroes as Stich, Tia, and Chris discuss news about DC Comics, Suicide Squad, and Injustice. The crew gets into discussion about new developments in the Beauty and the Beast world both

Pluto’s First Close Up

In case you haven’t heard (or have been living under a rock for the past few weeks) the New Horizons probe just made its first flyby of Pluto, America’s favorite demoted planet. It sent out preliminary pictures earlier this month, which showed everything from spots, to a strange whale-shaped formation,

Star Wars Day – May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars Fan B-Roll from Around the World NASA R2-D2 International Space Center Greeting Star Wars Rebels Trailer Fans all over the world celebrated Star Wars Day--May the 4th be with you! This week, Lucasfilm announced the casting for Star Wars Episode VII followed by the premiere of the trailer for their new animated

The Mega Men Podcast #54: The Fish Men of Europa

Matt and Chris talk about their apartments' names, Neil deGrasse Tyson's groovy youth, NASA exploring the Jupiter moon Europa, how to make the ultimate Godzilla homage, why Gravity deserved best cinematography, and why we need to "Star Trek this shit up". New Episodes Every Monday! You can subscribe directly through iTunes: or you

Conspiracy Weekly: 1962 Mars Landing

This video clip and the accompanying conspiracy theory  is a personal favorite of mine.  Supposedly, at least one joint American-Soviet mission to Mars took place in the early sixties.  This sounds insane, but there’s video proof to back it up. The video consists of a spacecraft (Marscraft?) descending on the surface