South Park: The Stick of Truth (Review)

Comedy is arguably one of the most difficult genres to write for, no matter what medium it's being created for. You've likely heard it thousands of times, that "comedy is subjective". Essentially what one person finds funny, another finds repulsive. Something you thought was hysterical when you were twelve, is dull when you're thirty. Hell, that joke you heard Tuesday at work that left you struggling to breathe, yeah on Wednesday you're going to wonder

Batman Arkham Knight Announced (Trailer)

For those who somehow may have forgotten, while we were off playing Warner Bros. Games Batman Arkham Origins, Rocksteady, the original developer, were working on their own follow-up to the much beloved Batman Arkham Origins. Now, I know I'm likely in the minority, but I actually liked Arkham Origins Yes, it was a technical nightmare at many points in the game, but when it wasn't, it was fully enjoyable experience. No, it doesn't match up

Mass Effect Trilogy Coming to Next-Gen Consoles?

At the end of last year a question was posed to Aaryn Flynn, general manager of the Edmonton and Montreal BioWare studios: "What do you guys think about releasing an ME Trilogy remaster for PS4/XB1? 1080p/high-res textures/60fps, etc?" There was no reply until this past weekend when Flynn responded back with the below tweet: Now, the idea of the entire Mass Effect trilogy hitting Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in remastered glory isn't exactly a new idea.

A Month In Albion: Fable Anniversary Review

Five attempts over three weeks at four different points in gameplay; that best describes my experience with Fable Anniversary. Fable Anniversary is the rare remake that managed to rank higher on my "must play" list than actual new titles. It's a crazy world where a remake means so much to someone that they would rather play it than experience something entirely (or mostly entirely) new. The Fable Trilogy, and the world of Albion as a

Goodbye Harold Ramis

Never before have I been tasked with writing a goodbye to a person of celebrity-status. Never before have I even considered writing such a thing. Celebrity deaths have never been of much interest to me; how does it matter anymore than when a "regular" person dies. As a person who doesn't much care when said regular people die either, you can see why something like this would normally fall outside my purview. Then shortly after I

The Wolf Among Us: Smoke & Mirrors (Review)

Two and half months. It was a two and a half month wait between episode one and two of Fables: The Wolf Among Us. Two and a half months wondering where the story was taking us, and how [REDACTED] could possibly be dead, as they are alive at the start of the comics. The wait between episodes may also help to explain how it took this reviewer -- the guy typing right now -- roughly two

RTX 2014 Announced!

Life is best lived with no regrets, something that I have personally done for much of my adult life. I do however have one minor professional/personal regret emanating from last year: not having attended the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas. This year, that changes! (Assuming they'll let me back through the door that is.) You too can attend RTX this summer from Friday, July 4th to Sunday, July 6th at the Austin Convention Center. They're

A Story with Two Tales: Broken Age Act 1 (Review)

3.3 million dollars and over 87 thousand backers; this is the legacy of Broken Age (formerly Double Fine Adventure), which started the entire Kickstarter game movement. Nearly two years have gone by since the Kickstarter campaign ended, and with that we have the backer release of Act 1 of Broken Age. The question now is was it worth it for those of us that backed, and is it worth it for those of you waiting

Gun Metal Games Publishes Interface Zero 2.0 for Savage Worlds

Gun Metal Games, a licensee using the Savage Worlds tabletop roleplaying game system by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, announces the release of their cyberpunk setting book, Interface Zero 2.0. In a not-so-distant future, the world has been ravaged by global warming, subjected to the horrors of nuclear war and natural disaster, witnessed the collapse of the mightiest nation in the history of the world, and the rise of other nations to take its place. In East Asia,

Geek News Network Gaming Awards Winners

Below are the winners of the 2nd Annual Geek News Network Gaming Awards! We had a lot of fun picking out winners, which you can hear for yourself in today's new episode of Constantly Calibrating. For a refresher on our nominees, click here; otherwise if you would rather see a quick overview of our winners, and why we chose them, well you can find that here:   BEST DOWNLOADABLE GAME Winner: Fables: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 -