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Hazard Toeprod
I love all kinds of music, books, movies, tv, games, art, science and technology. A 40-something writer/artist/biker originally from El Paso, Texas, I saw the original “Star Wars” in theaters when it first came out. I’ve been into sci-fi and fantasy all my life. My sister and I would pretend to be super heroes as well as create new stories with my Star Wars action figures (sad to say I no longer have). Even though anyone that knows me would probably say I am a good guy, I have an affinity for dark heroes and villains: Batman’s adversaries, Spawn, or Deadpool, the Sith and bounty hunters, unseelie Changelings and werewolves, and the Horde (to name a select few). Pong got me started on video games, and I eventually got addicted to PacMan and Donky Kong. On various consoles and pc, I’ve played many RTS, FPS and RPG, and try out all the MMOs. About the same time I was frequenting the arcade, I was introduced to D&D. I all but worshiped Gygax until I decided to try other tabletop RPG (and miniature war gaming). When I physically became an adult (I say this because refuse to “grow up”), I found that various LARPs existed (one of which I still play today). There are so many things I have interest in I could be doing, but I put so much energy into various games (and now writing about them). Anyone can keep track of what I’m up to now that I’m a Twit @HazardToeprod and on Facebook facebook.com/HazardToeprod.

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