Move It!

Ambassador ToeprodCharacter: ‘Ambassador’ Toeprod
Race: Goblin of Kezan
Class: Beast Mastery Hunter
Game: World of Warcraft
Realm: Gnomeregan
Guild: Soylent Greenskins


The goblin hunter, Toeprod, stood at the shooting gallery, taking aim at the highlighted target. Rinling the troll had challenged him to hit twenty-five targets within the time limit. Suddenly a Human riding a warhorse passed in front, stopping so that the beast’s tail slapped Toeprod’s rifle.

“Hey! I’m shootin’ here!” the goblin growled, but the human ignored him as he started a conversation with the troll… still mounted. “That’s it!” Toeprod threw down the toy rifle and went for his own gun, but stopped himself and took a deep breath. Darkmoon Faire was a sanctuary after all. There was no fighting other than in the arena.

He took a walk toward the pier to try to cool his head. It was pretty difficult, since this sort of thing always happened; and not just because he was shorter than many he had to live around. As a former member of the Bilgewater Cartel he understood time was money, but he couldn’t stand rudeness. “Every time,” he grumbled to himself, “whether at a merchant, the bank, or even checking my mail… GAH!”

The children running by stopped and stared. Toeprod managed a friendly smile, then continued his walk and rant. “It don’t take a second, I send my pet or ride out of the way. Why’s it a hassle to so many others to do that?” He was quiet for a moment as he headed down toward the beach. “They’re just inconsiderate is why. Don’t care we all hafta live in the same space…” The goblin was getting weary, but found one final burst of energy, “I spent good money on that game token!”

All Toeprod could do was let this instance pass and hope that things would change in the future. Maybe he could start a movement in his guild or the Horde and spreading it to other worlds. Only time would tell if people could learn to have a little courtesy, if not learn to be polite all the time.

World of Warcraft and related content ©Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.



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I love all kinds of music, books, movies, tv, games, art, science and technology. A 40-something writer/artist/biker originally from El Paso, Texas, I saw the original “Star Wars” in theaters when it first came out. I’ve been into sci-fi and fantasy all my life. My sister and I would pretend to be super heroes as well as create new stories with my Star Wars action figures (sad to say I no longer have). Even though anyone that knows me would probably say I am a good guy, I have an affinity for dark heroes and villains: Batman’s adversaries, Spawn, or Deadpool, the Sith and bounty hunters, unseelie Changelings and werewolves, and the Horde (to name a select few). Pong got me started on video games, and I eventually got addicted to PacMan and Donky Kong. On various consoles and pc, I’ve played many RTS, FPS and RPG, and try out all the MMOs. About the same time I was frequenting the arcade, I was introduced to D&D. I all but worshiped Gygax until I decided to try other tabletop RPG (and miniature war gaming). When I physically became an adult (I say this because refuse to “grow up”), I found that various LARPs existed (one of which I still play today). There are so many things I have interest in I could be doing, but I put so much energy into various games (and now writing about them). Anyone can keep track of what I’m up to now that I’m a Twit @HazardToeprod and on Facebook

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