Amtgard – An Introduction

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What is Amtgard?

Amtgard is a swords and sorcery styled medieval combat, culture, and sciences organization. Amtgard was founded in El Paso, Texas in 1981 and has since spread throughout North America and the rest of the world. With over ten thousand active members representing a diverse swath of humanity it’s safe to say there is something for everybody in Amtgard. Whether you’re a teenager in high school or an established adult, you will be able to find a welcoming and inviting peer group that is excited to welcome you to the game.

What Can Amtgard Offer Me?

Amtgard is an excellent way to encourage interest in medieval combat, arts, and sciences. It’s also a fun and exciting way to get exercise while meeting new people. Here is an example of a few of the common activities Amtgardians engage in:

Medieval team combat using safe foam replicas
Leather working
Metal working
Armor making
Tournament combat using safe foam replicas
Brewing and cooking
Singing and performance
Wood working

Check here to find a park near you:

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I love all kinds of music, books, movies, tv, games, art, science and technology. A 40-something writer/artist/biker originally from El Paso, Texas, I saw the original “Star Wars” in theaters when it first came out. I’ve been into sci-fi and fantasy all my life. My sister and I would pretend to be super heroes as well as create new stories with my Star Wars action figures (sad to say I no longer have). Even though anyone that knows me would probably say I am a good guy, I have an affinity for dark heroes and villains: Batman’s adversaries, Spawn, or Deadpool, the Sith and bounty hunters, unseelie Changelings and werewolves, and the Horde (to name a select few). Pong got me started on video games, and I eventually got addicted to PacMan and Donky Kong. On various consoles and pc, I’ve played many RTS, FPS and RPG, and try out all the MMOs. About the same time I was frequenting the arcade, I was introduced to D&D. I all but worshiped Gygax until I decided to try other tabletop RPG (and miniature war gaming). When I physically became an adult (I say this because refuse to “grow up”), I found that various LARPs existed (one of which I still play today). There are so many things I have interest in I could be doing, but I put so much energy into various games (and now writing about them). Anyone can keep track of what I’m up to now that I’m a Twit @HazardToeprod and on Facebook

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