GEEK MOM – Rock-A-Bums New 2.0 #RockItUp Giveaway

Rock A Bums 2.0

Rock-A-Bums isn’t your normal, every day cloth diaper. Yes, it will still do what cloth diapers are meant to do, but Rock-A-Bums is a 5-in-1 diaper that can be used as an All-In-One, Pocket and Diaper Cover all in one hybrid diaper. Additionally, these rocker inspired diapers promise to be easy to use, have a poopy blow out protector and they’re leak free. Blogger ‘Just Me And The Boys’ did an excellent write about Rock-A-Bums 2.0 but today Rock-A-Bums releases the NEW 2.0 with a few improvements and of course fun new prints.

Some of the improvements includes:

  • Different fabric lining the inside of the cover. It’s proprietary to Rock-A-Bums and is quick to wick away moisture and is hospital grade hypoallergenic.

  • Velcro Options available

  • Extra layer of PUL on inside of cover for tummy sleepers

  • Two pocket openings (one in the front of the diaper and one in the back of the diaper)

  • Different snap arrangement (two snap system, no hip snap)

Here is a first look at the new prints:

Zanadu – the rainbow print
Blue Velvet – the blue rocker type print
Punk Plaid Green  – the green plaid
Punk Plaid Pink – the pink plaid


Now if you haven’t had a chance to try Rock-A-Bums, here is your chance to win a killer stash of fluff. Rock-A-Bums is giving away We are giving away a ”From Birth to Potty Learning” stash which includes:

  • 9 covers (prints or solids, their choice)

  • 18 inserts

  • 60 hybrid inserts.

To enter to win simple:

For more from Rock-A-Bums visit them online at and follow them on Facebook.


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