Underrated Technology That No Geek Should Ever Live Without

geek imageThe tools, technology and digital resources that any geek needs in order to truly be prepared for the unique challenges of everyday life in the modern world is not a concern that should be taken lightly. From finding a smartphone that is able to run the latest applications and features to selecting an Internet provider that will better meet your needs, geeks that are interested in finding the latest technology and opportunities would do well to give the matter a little further thought. Being properly prepared for whatever the future may bring is not always possible for those who lack the right resources.

The Right Smartphone

The days where mobile cell phones where used simply to make voice calls and send text messages are long gone. Today’s smartphone is a powerful handheld computer capable of running a variety of software programs and applications. Exploring the devices that are currently on the market, and learning about any that are slated for release in the near future, will allow you to equip yourself with a smartphone that is best able to meet your needs.

From navigation and communication to organization and lifestyle maintenance, if your current smartphone is unable to provide you with the level of performance you need, it is high time to invest in a new one. Whether you select an iPhone, Android, or another devise, be sure that your phone capabilities meet your “geeky” needs.
Access to Programming and Development Tools

Geeks that may be interested in tweaking everything from their desktop operating system to the mobile applications used by their smartphones and tablets would be wise to learn a little more about programming and software development.

From open source operating systems to application development tools like MyEclipse that will allow you to create and modify your digital tools, the resources you need to make the most out of today’s technology is something that no geek should be without. Even users with a limited understanding of such resources may be able to modify their software and digital tools with surprising ease- provided they have access to the right resources.

USB Keyboards and Peripherals

Whether you are programming code, sending e-mail or writing the Great American Novel, having to hunt and peck on a net-book keyboard or make due with a touch screen tablet that has not been designed for extended use can quickly become a major aggravation. Universal peripherals that can quickly be adapted for use on a range of devices will allow you to customize your user experience to make the most out of any work session or gaming experience. The low-cost and flexibility of today’s peripherals make them a must have for serious users and techies. The HP Envy 23 is a great option that will go on sale later this fall.

A Multi-Tool

Concentrating on the tools and technology you need in the digital world at the expense of the real one could prove to be a very serious misstep. A sophisticated multi-tool from Leatherman or a different brand that will allow you to tackle a range of everyday problems and repairs gives you the benefit of a complete toolkit in a much smaller package. Lacking the means to make quick and easy repairs on your other technology can seriously limit its overall usefulness.

The Right Internet Service Provider

A fiber optic internet provider such as Verizon DSL Internet or Google Fiber that will give you superior access to online information and resources may have far more to offer than their conventional counterparts. From your desktop to your smartphone, networking your technology through a superior Internet provider will ensure that your user experiences are not limited by slow transfers and limited connection speeds. For geeks seeking the best technology and resources available, fiber optic Internet service is one opportunity they may not be able to live without.


Michelle Smith is currently a freelance writer with a focus on technology. She is a proud “geek” who can be found typing away on her laptop in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Michelle welcomes your feedback via email


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