Top 11 Other World Wars

Zombies are big right now, so World War Z gets all the press, but it isn’t the only world war that we should be worried about.

11. World War MTV – The radio star finally gets revenge on video

10. World War Ikea – In the aftermath of a global apocalypse that has destroyed all standing structures, a group of Norwegians go on a quest for the last allen wrench, so that they can begin rebuilding civilization

9. World Wario – On a planet shaped like the head of his nemesis, Mario must save Princess Peach from her prison inside Wario’s nose

8. World War Q – John deLancie returns to the role of Q as he transports the crew of the Enterprise back to Pearl Harbor to see if they will violate the Prime Directive to save their own lives

7. World War Pinky – After 65 separate attempts, Pinky and the Brain finally take over the world, but come to blows over how to split it up

I just bit off Brad Pitt's head
I just bit off Brad Pitt’s head

6. World War Ozzy – Generals gathered in their masses / Just like witches at black masses / Evil minds that plot destruction / Sorcerers of death’s construction (For legal reasons, this movie will be known as World War Pigs in San Antonio)

5. World War Demi – Bruce Willis must fight Ashton Kutcher to win back his ex-wife

4. World War V for Vendetta – After DC Comics announces a film adaptation of his Swamp Thing run, Alan Moore goes bat-shittier and summons Cthulhu to destroy the world

Don't be ridiculous
Don’t be ridiculous

3. World War Balki – When the Mediterranean island nation of Mypos declares war on America, Larry and his cousin Balki find themselves enlisting on opposite sides of the conflict

2. World War Sea – Aquaman and the Sub-Mariner clash to determine once and for all who is the true King of the Seas and Ruler of Atlantis. One can talk to the fish, one can talk to the Hulk. (SPOILER – talking to fish sucks)

1. World War Bowie – In 1984, the Thin White Duke returns to sell the world to Ziggy Stardust so that he can transplant life on Mars from Station to Station. Major Tom and the young Americans must travel to Suffragette City, while fighting scary monsters and super freaks, to consult the Diamond Dog and activate the mysterious alien device known only as the Space Oddity


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