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This March FilmBar goes back to the future! Experience four different visions of the future on the big screen. A chilling, bold, mesmerizing, futuristic detective thriller: Blade Runner (March 6-8). Your future is in his hands in The Terminator (March 13-16). 17 year old Marty McFly got home early last night: 30 years early in Back to the Future (March 20-23). Man’s colony on the Moon… a whole new generation has been born and is living there… a quarter-million miles from Earth, it’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (March 27-30). Tickets: (additional show times added during the month).

Blade Runner. In a signature role as 21st-century detective Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford brings his masculine-yet-vulnerable presence to this stylish noir thriller. In a future of high-tech possibility soured by urban and social decay, Deckard hunts for fugitive, murderous replicants – and is drawn to a mystery woman whose secrets may undermine his soul. (March 6-8)

The Terminator. In the year 2029, the ruling super-computer, Skynet, sends an indestructible cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back in time to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) before she can fulfill her destiny and save mankind. (March 13-16)

Back to the Future. When teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), he finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could vaporize his future – and leave him trapped in the past. Powered by innovative special effects, unforgettable songs and non-stop action, Back to the Future is an unrivaled adventure that stands the test of time! (March 20-23)

2001: A Space Odyssey. Humanity finds a mysterious, obviously artificial, object buried beneath the Lunar surface and, with the intelligent computer H.A.L. 9000, sets off on a quest. With spectacular, painstakingly authentic special effects that have stood the test of time, Kubrick’s film is nothing less than a cinematic milestone–puzzling, provocative, and perfect. (March 27-30)


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