HBO Max to Potentially Reboot Harry Potter as TV Series

J.K. Rowling will “maintain a degree of creative involvement”

In an effort to cut costs on taxes, Warner Bros. Discovery spent the last year canceling a range of shows and movies. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re totally void of creative ideas; according to Bloomberg, the company is close to inking a contract for a new Harry Potter tv series for HBO Max, a version that is based on the books, not a spin-off such as Fantastic Beasts.

According to Variety, although negotiations are still in a “preliminary state”, Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to make a major announcement at their April 12 event regarding HBO Max and Discovery+. The unveiling of a new Harry Potter adaptation is thought to be a key part of their plans, particularly as the company is seeking to show investors that there is something else in the works other than just recycling existing content (which could be why there is speculation of a second Game Of Thrones prequel being made).

Warner Bros. Discovery has an opportunity to create a show that could span multiple seasons by focusing on one Harry Potter book each season. This would allow them to benefit from the success of the series without having to go through the process of developing and marketing a new one.

According to the Variety report, J.K. Rowling would have a “degree of creative involvement” with the upcoming Harry Potter series, but she would not be the primary creator or showrunner.

For the record, there has been no official confirmation by either HBO Max or WBD, so it might not happen at all.

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