Mission Mars One – Infographic

Mars One is a non-profit foundation that plans to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2023. The private spaceflight project is led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp and has been endorsed by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Gerard’t Hooft. The founding members of the Mars One team came together, to develop a strategic plan for taking humanity to Mars in 2011.

The Mars One mission plan integrates components that are well tested and readily available from industry leaders worldwide. Its plan consists of cargo missions and unmanned preparation of a habitable settlement, followed by human landings. In 2022, four carefully selected applicants will be launched in a Mars-bound spaceflight to become the first residents on Mars. The mission design takes into account the expansion of the human colony where a new crew will arrive every two years and every step of the crew’s journey will be documented for a reality television program that will be broadcast 24/7/365.

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