New Pokémon Snap | Get Paid $1,000 to Play

One of America’s leading geek and fandom platforms is looking for a Pokémon superfan to play, review and create content on the latest installment of the video game franchise. The successful candidate will be paid $1,000 USD to complete the game and write a review on it to be published onsite. The platform has stated that no previous professional writing experience is required, just a love for the Pokémon fandom.

A platform for all things ‘geek’, ‘nerd’ and fandoms, has started the search for a die-hard Pokémon fan to play and review the New Pokémon Snap game in a dream job offer.

The latest installment of the Pokémon franchise, New Pokémon Snap, is set to be released on April 30th in North America and is a rebooted version of the 1999 game Pokémon Snap, originally released on Nintendo 64. is recruiting one passionate Pokémon fan to play the game when it’s released on Friday 30th April. The successful candidate will be paid $1,000 USD to play and complete the game, and then write a review of their experience to be published on the site. Additionally, the Pokémon fan hired for the role will be given a Nintendo Switch as well as a digital copy of the game to test.

Pokémon fans who wish to apply for the role can do so here, applications close on the 31st May:

In the game, Pokémon fanatics are tasked with photographing Pokémon in the wild to learn about them as creatures rather than the regular game mechanic of capturing and training them. 

Players can compete with friends to solve puzzles and take the best photographs, with the ability to score extra points by taking pictures of Pokémon in different habitats.

Those wishing to apply must have access to the internet to ensure that all elements of the game can be played and reviewed thoroughly. are also asking that those applying for the role also have a good level of written English, as well as some form of computer device to write and submit articles.

Candidates must be 16 years old or over, with no professional writing experience necessary, however a passion for all things Pokémon is a must. is the best site to browse all fandom content for anything imaginable. From games, movies, and TV shows to anime and even old-school memorabilia. The platform has been created to bring passionate people together to celebrate their fandoms in every possible way.

Alyssa Celatti of, said,

“Pokémon has been uniting people all over the globe for more than 25 years, with everything from video games, to toys to trading cards and now even fashion lines. Plus it really was the first game of its type with a unique mechanic, so it’s easy to see why it has such a huge fandom. I’m hoping that we can find a passionate Pokémon fan that can come up with and produce some fantastic content to share with our amazing community.

“Finding the ideal person to review the game is something really important to us because as the fandom continues to grow older and larger, honest gaming reviews and content will keep it alive and thriving as one of the best in the world.”

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