Phoenix Film Festival 2014 “Live Action Shorts B”


Live Action Shorts B

It is worth pointing out that I had a terrible time during the Live Action Shorts B showing. People always complain about people on their phones while the movie is playing. I can put up with that compared to what I sat next to. This lady sat next to me and munched her popcorn, one kernel at a time, throughout the entire screening, and when it was quiet I could hear her swallow. It made it very difficult to pay attention to what was on the screen.


From what I can gather, and that was a chore in itself, this is about a mob money collector guy who likes to build ice sculptures then watch them melt. This may have been an interesting concept if I knew why. He seems to be unhappy with his life, but the ice sculpting doesn’t neatly tie into everything.

113 Degrees

Another space movie. This could’ve been a cool concept, but when people do stupid things that jeopardize other people’s lives it makes me mad. This is what the trip on the Nostromo would’ve really been like. It did have an interesting use of no sound when they went space walking. Also, you’re on a state of the art ship that talks to you, and yet, there are no razors? Shave?

The Heebee-Jeebies

This is a horror spoof done right. A mother reads her kids an unnecessarily scary story and of course the kids freak out. The brother plays games with the sister and it escalates from there. One of the more professional looking shorts from the bunch.

Seasick Sailor

I don’t know how I feel about this one yet. It follows a young man, probably younger than me, who is a mob enforcer, who may or may not be a contract killer for them. He kills people, but I was never clear on his motivations. Plus the sound on this one was messed up, but there were good performances in it.

The Hero Pose

This one I think was my favorite from this bunch. A little girl is spending the weekend with her dad while he tries to sell his car on craigslist. The two have some bonding time as they discuss divorce and moving on.

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