Phoenix Film Festival 2014 “Dust of War”


Dust of War has a very interesting concept. Aliens invaded Earth and they decimated it. Now the remaining humans roam the land in a Postman type world while the aliens seemingly patrol the area. There is a voice over at the beginning of the flick describing a child that was born that is the harbinger of peace, but that’s really all you hear about it. Sometimes she knows she’s this special person and other times she seems oblivious to it. The hero is one of the strong silent types, which is one archetype I’m looking forward to retiring. I get that you’re some great leader and you’ve seen some stuff, but I can’t read your blank expression, I’m sorry, so you’re going to have to say something.

What I liked about the flick is that I always felt like this was a wasteland. It never looked like some glossed up abandoned New York City like in I Am Legend. I imagine this is what people would really do if the world ever found itself in this position. People kind of break down and say “you know what? I’m going to wear whatever I damn well please.” And they do, because one of the bad guys wears civil war era garb and the hero carts around a sword, while the evil general uses a WWI era rifle. I really liked that mish mash of history going on.

I think all the ideas are there, but they weren’t properly fleshed out. I like the world they created, but I want to see a more cohesive vision. They obviously have more ideas for a continuing story so I want to see more.

Dust of War premiered at Comic-Con last year and now they’re making the festival circuit so look for it as it comes around.

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