Skyscraper | Movie Review

Disaster movies have always been good, fun-loving, popcorn entertainment.  Towering Inferno and Poseidon Adventure are two that come to mind.  Both have star-studded casts and lots of action.  I preferred Poseidon because the characters had more depth, which gave the situation a more emotional impact.  Not that you need a dramatic spin to your disaster movie, but if you want to engage the audience more and keep them coming, it does help. Other noteworthy disaster films

BAYWATCH | Movie Review

TV adaptations into film have been more hit than miss.  It's difficult to emulate the charm and fun of another show or movie because those projects were lightning in a bottle.  The perfect combination of writing, casting, producing, and zeitgeist.  We can't predict what will be a hit most of the time and often that wave of popularity has an end date unless you're The Simpsons.  So instead of coming up with a new idea,

SAN ANDREAS | Movie Review

I get a real kick out of disaster movies.  The swell of chaos and mayhem as a mass population in turmoil becomes the backdrop for our lead character, providing us with some amazing, heroic scenes.  I always felt these types of movies started back in the seventies with The Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno.  A collection of celebrities attempting to escape some enormous structure against seemingly impossible odds.  We anxiously wait to see how many make it to