Superhero Anniversaries Infographic!

superhero anniversaries

Comic book artists breathe life into new creations each and every year. Some of these new characters might start as a doodle on a napkin, or as a well-thought out addition to a long-standing comic book. It’s such a momentous occasion either way, but why do we stop there? Why do we forget their entry into this world without even so much as a nod of celebration? Well, this infographic looks to change all that

Zombie Makeup – Shattered Glass

The zombies are after you and they will stop at nothing to feed on your brain, even if it means breaking through a window to get you. In this InstructoGraphic, the zombie has gotten shards of glass stuck in his arm. Imagine how you can apply this simple technique to any part of your body and create a horrific look for Halloween or a zombie event. It starts with a Shattered Glass makeup kit that includes

Zombie Makeup – Bloody Bullet Wounds

Short of getting bit by a viral zombie and turning into a real creature of the undead, you will need to rely on Zombie makeup, costumes and other special effects to achieve the look of the apocalypse. Getting the look is much easier (and cheaper) than you think. We had our resident makeup artist help us with this infographic. It took her about 15 minutes to create the bullet hole effect seen below. She used inexpensive

No Battlefield Left Untouched

2012 is the year of the dragon, and boy is there fire a blazin' with Activision and Microsoft shooting it out for the top spot in first-person shooter gaming! We have the evolution of FPS games and as you will see, many have grown and blown up to bring about more advanced gaming styles. Watch your head and don't get noob tubed, this infographic brought to you by Top10bestonline-casinos will level out the playing field