Zombie Makeup – Shattered Glass

The zombies are after you and they will stop at nothing to feed on your brain, even if it means breaking through a window to get you. In this InstructoGraphic, the zombie has gotten shards of glass stuck in his arm. Imagine how you can apply this simple technique to any part of your body and create a horrific look for Halloween or a zombie event.

It starts with a Shattered Glass makeup kit that includes pieces of soft, pliable plastic that looks just like bloody pieces of broken glass. From there the fun of becoming a zombie begins. Your face, chest, neck and arms are some of the best places to use these pieces. After they are set in place the process of “zombifying” with several shades of makeup will complete your transformation. Don’t forget to cover all of your exposed parts with makeup so everything blends and, then put on your bloody and torn clothing. Now you are ready to do your zombie walk.


Zombie Makeup - Shattered Glass


Wholesale Halloween Costumes is really into creating these InstructoGraphics so you can see how easy it is to use these products. The best part of creating zombie looks with kits is that no two people will do it exactly the same. You can use more blood or less, add rotting flesh or varying levels of undead pallor.

Terrorize your friends and fellow zombies by showing off your gruesome broken glass effect. Its an inexpensive alternative to will give you the most unique do-it-yourself zombie costume.


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