This is the Age of Conan and Red Sonja Collection

SOME LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD! READ WITH CAUTION! Red Sonja has always been a favorite character of mine. She’s a badass warrior woman, who takes no crap from anyone, is quick to defend the innocent, and strives to right any wrongs. I am somewhat familiar with Conan the Barbarian, mostly from Frank Frazetta paintings and both the original movie(portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the most recent 2011 film(portrayed by Jason Momoa). So when the chance came to

Cosplay Corner – Red Sonja: the Battle, the Bikini, the Bruises

Fair Warning: This post is looong at 1200 words. I'm a pretty verbose lady. ;) As most of you already know, or soon will, I dressed as Red Sonja for Phoenix Comicon. It was a blast and a lot of people got to see it and take photos with me, and it’s already been featured in a few photo galleries and blogs. What you may not know is all the hard work and effort that went into