Hereditary | Movie Review

When I first saw Poltergeist back in 1982, I had to sleep with the lights on, and with the closet doors firmly closed. I ran through darkened rooms, knowing that I was safe in the light. Ever since, I have loved the feel of a good, suspenseful, horror movie, that makes your mind play tricks on you and has you peering into the shadows to make sure there isn’t anything there, waiting for you. A

“The Way, Way Back” Movie Review

Every year, there is always one summer “independent movie” darling. This year is no exception with the familiar, but charming, funny, and heart-felt, The Way, Way Back. Told in the “now,” with a soft edging of the 1980’s for reminiscent aesthetic, the film begins with Duncan. He sits alone, in the backseat of a vintage olive green station wagon with the kind of depressed look that only a shy, awkward 14-year-old can muster. He’s being