“The Comic Book Insider” Season 2:Ep.10-11

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Episode 10:

Space the final frontier, these are the episodes of the webcast show The Comic Book Insider with Brian Augustyn. Brian and company talk science geekness as Curiosity lands on Mars. The crew talk the genre of sci-fi and it’s effect on science today. It’s The Comic Book Insider and its ongoing mission to seek out new geekness, to boldly go where no geek dares go before!


Episode 11:

Another week and another Comic Book Insider with Sort of a Big Deal Brian Augustyn. This week Brian and company talk about the passing of a comic book legend Joe Kubert, and even though short-handed this week Brian, Miguel, and Toni hold the fort with Toni sounding off on the recent trend of “poser geeks”. The Thunder Goddess of Gotham is much displeased… Also Daniel Bradford of Robot 13 fame joins in as Brian interviews him on his upcoming projects. It’s The Comic Book Insider same great taste less filling, check it out!



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