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wild wild west stemapunk convention 6

Step into a world of steam at the 6th Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention! Coming to Old Tucson, Arizona from March 3-5, Wild Wild West Con will have concerts, vendors, artists, rides, and much more!

Full of wonderful inventions, horse-drawn carriage rides, and performances to delight and entertain, Wild Wild West Con has everything you could dream of. Watch “tea duelling” (“two Ls because one can taste victory with every L”) and street performers, join in the costume contest, or sign up for a workshop and learn a new skill. Friday and Saturday night both feature unique musicians who are classics in the genre.

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Friday night don’t miss seeing Frenchy and the Punk and their eclectic sound as their world renown duo kicks off the show. Celtica will be headlining the evening with their powerful sound and bagpipes. They have established themselves across Europe and Canada and in 2015 they played the world’s biggest metal festival – Wacken Open Air in Germany.


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The Mission Creeps, a local Tucson band with music that speaks of ghosts and the eeriness of the desert, will open Saturday night’s show. Headlining will be The Cog is Dead, a band of travelers from the year 1893 who are here to share an evening of steam and clockwork with you. Their sound is a hodgepodge of genres that they have made into their own marvelous music.

What should you do while you’re waiting for the evening show to start? Why not shop around? Maybe vote in the Presidential Election or launch a campaign against Cthulhu himself? Try your own hand at Tea Duelling or watch as Arthur Millican Jr., a former Disney Imagineer, and David Lee, a Steampunk inventor and maker, square off in a battle of whimsy as they both make a vehicle based on an electric wheel chair to be judged by the audience.

convention, event news, old tucson studios, steampunk, wild wild west con, wwwc, wwwc6
Tea Duelling is a game of “fun, frivolity and flirtation” in which contestants repeatedly dunk biscuits into tea until one of the opponent’s biscuits crumble. Meanwhile they may taunt, sing, dance, or otherwise trash-talk the opposing Duelist. Photo by Lady Paparazzi.

Tickets are on sale now starting at $55 for the whole weekend, with one day passes available as well. Or spring for the “Aristocrat pass” that comes with tickets to both concerts, special meet and greet opportunities, a tea party, and goodie bag. And don’t hesitate to bring your little ones! There is a weekend Family Pass available and a Kid’s Zone to keep their tiny minds engaged and entertained.


You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time as you take a step into a world of science fiction and creation, so don’t be afraid to dive right in to Wild Wild West Convention 6!

Photo credit: Wild Wild West Con 6

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