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OpEd – Smart Decision: Sony Cancels The Interview


It’s now widely known that Sony has canceled the release of the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy, The Interview. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the decision, and most people are looking down on Sony for caving to the demands of North Korean hackers. That’s narrow-minded if you look at the bigger picture going on at Sony. The…

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“Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” Movie Review

Night at the Museum

The previous two Night at the Museum films were fun for the entire family. The antics entertained the younger audience and the witty humor kept adults entertained. It was a happy medium that appealed to a wide audience. The third, and presumably final film in the series, doesn’t follow the first two. Instead, it appeals to a much smaller and…

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Top 11 Gifts for Pop Culture Characters


You get gifts for your family and your friends, why not for your favorite pop culture characters who bring you entertainment throughout the year?   11. For Deadpool, some thorazine to stop those voices in his head.   10. For Oliver Queen, the complete series of Mr Show on Blu ray. He needs a good laugh once in a while.…