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TOP 10 Comics in September Previews!


The September Previews have arrived and that means it is time for everyone to get a glimpse into the future to see what will be happening in two months time! Here are the ten titles that I think are going to be worth some notice when they come out in November!   1. Kingsway West #1, Page 61, Dark Horse,…

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A Walk in the Woods | Movie Review

0257 A Walk in the Woods_Quad_AW 01.07.15

Growing up in Pennsylvania near the Appalachian Trail (the “AT” to the cool kids) and having backpacked long expanses of it, I was intrigued when I stumbled across Bill Bryson’s nonfiction memoir A Walk in the Woods. I loved his “A Short History of Nearly Everything” and others I’d read so I downloaded this audiobook for my daily commute. Everything…

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Top 11 More Credible GOP Candidates


The first GOP debate was recently held, and quite honestly, most of the candidates are clowns. The Republicans should look to pop culture for some better qualified candidates…   11. Former Gotham City mayor Oswald Cobblepot     10. Former Secretary of Defense Tony Stark     9. Hazard County commissioner Jefferson Davis “Boss” Hogg     8. Former Secretary of…

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