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Salute To Supernatural Phoenix


For years, the CW’s hit TV show Supernatural has held conventions around the country and around the world, allowing fans to interact with the cast and crew on a level hardly seen in any other television production. Supernatural is unique in the sense that its lead actors are incredibly invested in the fandom; aware of the complaints and the praise…

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Let’s face it.  Time travel is loads of fun.  You can fix mistakes, save lives, visit dead relatives, go to concerts when bands were at their prime, and brush up on your history test if your Bill and Ted.  It’s only when you get into paradoxes that things start to unravel.  Although you could just gloss over the logic and…

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Nintendo Geek Baby Pictures

nintendo baby photos

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I procreate like a boss. I know all babies are cute and moms are totally biased, but seriously adorable baby maker right here! After months and months of procrastinating (seriously, the upkeep on an adorable baby is hardcore) I am finally getting around to sharing the photos from Geek Baby’s newborn…