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“FINAL FANTASY XV” Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.54.23 PM

  Have you given up hope on Final Fantasy XV ever releasing? If this trailer is any indication, it may be well worth the wait. The brand new game play trailer premiering at the Tokyo Game Show shows off more of the Kingdom Hearts-styled battle sequences. The movie and game play graphics look nearly seamless. As for how the car is…

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Liam Neeson has settled nicely into the role of experienced badass who tackles any obstacle in his way.  Whether he’s rescuing his daughter, or his wife, or just laying out justice one bullet a time, rest assured you’ve put your faith in the right man.  With his latest film, he shows us how he handles being a ruthless private investigator on the…

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Top 11 Sesame Street/Comic Book Mashups We Want to See


  Kids love superheroes. Kids love Sesame Street. This seems like a natural.   11. Big Bird vs Hawkman   10. D-Man and Oscar the Grouch   9. Burt and Ernie gain the powers of the Wonder Twins   8. Grant Morrison presents Danny the Sesame Street   7. John Constantine must investigate why no one can see Snufffaluffagus  …