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THE WALK | Movie Review


The art of the daring and impossible is a beautiful thing.  We go about our daily lives witnessing outrageous, silly videos online or perhaps a clever street performer on a night out, but a true daredevil extraordinaire can stop our feet and our hearts.  Such is the dream of Philippe Petit, a man consumed with the dream of placing his…

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THE MARTIAN | Movie Review


If there are two words to describe each and every time that you see Matt Damon in a film those words would have to be “unbridled charisma”. Although many actors have very likable personalities, only a slight few garner the ability to draw in the audience in nearly every role that they play. Even when Matt Damon plays a psycho…

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Top 11 TV Premiere Spoilers

top 11 tv premiere spoilers

The Walking Dead kills off Daryl, and fan riots are so violent that the Zombie Apocalypse of the show seems tame. Gotham introduces characters that will eventually become Egghead, the Bookworm, and Louie the Lilac. The Muppets let slip that Kermit is actually a toad who self-identifies as a frog. Sleepy Hollow incorporates more of the Washington Irving universe by…

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