To boldly go where no one has gone before… literally | No Man’s Sky Review

no man's sky

Normally, there would be a logical starting point to go over where to begin your journey. After a very brief introduction to No Man's Sky, you are quickly introduced to the vast scale of the game. A literal universe sized sandbox that defies any logic of what you may have


When an A-list actor appears in a movie, it generally goes one of two ways. Either you see the actor instead of the character they're playing, or you see the character and nothing more. You know it’s good acting when you only see the character. That’s how Chris Pine’s performance in

LIGHTS OUT | Movie Review

lights out

Darkness is an element of horror films that invokes our inner fears and drives the story with our own imagination.  While a good film can show us what we are afraid of, it's always worse to catch only a glimpse and then imagine what may be lurking past our field of

SUICIDE SQUAD | Movie Review

There is no doubt about it.  When it comes to big blockbuster films, we are in a renaissance of comic book adaptations.  For several years now, studios have been seeing the value in comics, superheroes, and just about anything we can geek out about.  It's permeated not just the big

JASON BOURNE | Movie Review

Paul Greengrass has had a fairly successful career as a film director thus far. He started off doing a TV series documentary called World in Action in 1985 and then made his first feature film in 1989 entitled Resurrected - the true story of a British Soldier that was left