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Magic: The Gathering unveils cards from upcoming set Khans of Tarkir at PAX Prime

Dragon-Style Twins

Last night, Magic: The Gathering fans at PAX Prime were treated to a glimpse of what is to come in the new set Khans of Tarkir which hit shelves September 26th, 2014. PAX attendees were treated to a close encounter with all five of the mighty warrior clans and saw exclusive previews including never-before-seen cards. The most exciting reveal though is that Wizards confirmed the…

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“As Above, So Below” Movie Review


The catacombs, with its eerie location beneath Paris and morbid architecture, would seem to be an obvious choice to center your horror movie around.  Several films before have used it as well in some fashion or another.  It’s history is well documented; but with all those tunnels and endless darkness, you can’t help but let your imagination run wild down…

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Top 11 Candidates to Play the New Doctor Who Companion


Jenna Louise Coleman, the current companion of Doctor Who, has announced that she will soon be leaving the show, possibly as soon as Christmastime. The BBC would never allow the Doctor to travel alone, so here are my top 11 choices for a new companion.     11. Strax – He’s already on the show, so fans should have no…