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PHOENIX FILM FESTIVAL announces first group of key films in the 2015 lineup!

PFF poster

The Phoenix Film Festival is proud to announce the first group of key films in the 2015 lineup! Opening night will kick off on Thursday, March 26th with Bleecker Street Media’s DANNY COLLINS, starring Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale and Christopher Plummer.  The writer and director, Dan Fogelman, will also be present for a Q&A discussion before the…

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TAIYOU CON 2015 | A Review

Taiyou Con 2015

Some local Arizona cosplayers affectionately call Taiyou Con “Nostalgia Con” for it always being a memorable event in their pasts, and I believe this year was another one to remember. After what seems like a Dragon Ball Z styled eternity, the staff of Taiyou finally moved the convention out of the Mesa Hilton hotel and to the much more roomy…

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Villains are taking over Gotham in Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

WB Games and Rocksteady have released a brand new Batman Arkham Knight trailer and it’s full of villainy goodness. Arkham Knight, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, and Scarecrow are all teaming up against Batman to take Gotham from him once and for all. The trailer is action packed, ominous, and gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. The…

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