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A Cure For Wellness | Movie Review

There is a sickness inside us.  At any given moment, someone you know isn’t feeling well.  There are any number of things that conspire to make our bodies weaken and fail.  Fortunately, there is a cure.  Hopefully, you don’t take it. A Cure For Wellness finds young, up and coming sales

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Movie Review

pe·cu·liar  -  pəˈkyo͞olyər/ adjective 1. strange or odd; unusual. synonyms: strange, unusual, odd, funny, curious, bizarre, weird, queer, unexpected, unfamiliar, abnormal, atypical, anomalous Peculiar is a wonderfully descriptive word, and a quite fitting description for this film.  It isn't a traditional blockbuster type of movie, but that's something to be expected when Tim Burton

“Paddington” Movie Review

I remember reading the Paddington books when I was much younger. Before seeing this film, I didn’t remember as much about the stories as I remember the feeling of reading them.  I remember Paddington being my first exposure to London and anything modern and British.  I decided that I had to try orange marmalade

“The Boxtrolls” Movie Review

Coming from the makers of "Coraline" and "Paranorman" one expects a quirky visual treat that also entertains and tells a compelling story.  "The Boxtrolls" delivers this and more.  The Boxtrolls is a beautifully constructed film, which delights the eyes as well as the imagination.  The Boxtrolls themselves, a mix of