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Featured Cosplayer | Maise Designs Seamstress

Photo by Thomas Int-Hout []. Cosplayer: Itty Bitty Geek []. All rights reserved.

Welcome back to the Geek News Network’s Featured Cosplayer page! This is where, once a week, we introduce you to cosplayers that you should know about. This week, I’d like to switch it up a little bit. Instead of featuring a cosplayer, what if we focus on someone more behind the scenes? Sometimes, cosplayers won’t make their costumes but they’ll…

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The Terminator franchise hasn’t had much success since the first sequel in 1991.  Writers have been struggling to come up with compelling ideas to continue the story and directors have failed to capture a fraction of the awe and wonder of the first two films.  Perhaps the studio felt that, with enough CGI, a movie with a cyborg would guarantee success.  After…

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Top 11 things we will see in the next two seasons of The Simpsons


The Simpsons were just renewed for their 27 and 28th seasons. What shenanigans will they get into next? 11. Chief Wiggum becomes a vocal anti-vaxxer, until Ralph gets whooping cough. 10. The parasite that Homer brought from space finally gestates and begins taking over the earth, but is defeated when Lisa discovers that it is a yummy vegetarian food source.…

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First Independence Day 2 Poster Reveals an Earth Sized Alien Ship


Wandering the halls of the Licensing Expo happening in Las Vegas Collider has brought us a first glimpse at an Independence Day 2 Poster!     Looks like those aliens are back and in bigger ships than ever! From the official synopsis: After Independence Day redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global catastrophe on an unimaginable…