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Travel through Time with the PREVIEWS Exclusive Doctor Who Diary


BALTIMORE, MD – Learn the secret adventures of the time traveling Doctor Who with the special 50th anniversary PREVIEWS exclusive 2015 Doctor Who Diary from Mallon Publishers. The Diary goes through the timeline of the various characters who have been the Doctor, showing how they step into their new roles traveling through time to come to the aid of those…

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“Batman: Eternal #2″ Comic Review

Batman: Eternal #2

Yes, I know. After doubting the merits of Batman: Eternal as a weekly investment last week, here I am writing about the second issue. But as an ongoing weekly series, Batman: Eternal deserves the same fair shake I would give to a new weekly episodic TV series—so about a month worth of viewing—and I will decide at that time whether…

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The Mega Men Podcast #54: The Fish Men of Europa


Matt and Chris talk about their apartments’ names, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s groovy youth, NASA exploring the Jupiter moon Europa, how to make the ultimate Godzilla homage, why Gravity deserved best cinematography, and why we need to “Star Trek this shit up”. New Episodes Every Monday! You can subscribe directly through iTunes: or you can listen to this episode via…

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New additions to Accursed!

logo2blogger (1)

We are certainly busy this month! Along with the exciting news about games taking a step forward in becoming more accessible to all geeks, the creators of Accursed, a game setting for the RPG world of Savage Worlds, has announced a new short scene scenario called Long Dead and Twice Slain! I personally don’t have any experience with the Savage…