Saboten Con announces Metal Gear star DAVID HAYTER as latest guest

The upcoming Saboten Con announced on Wednesday that they would be adding a famous video game voice actor to its guest ranks this year, David Hayter. David Hayter is perhaps most well-known as being the voice behind the iconic stealth spy character Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series of video games

MIRACLEMAN #1 | A New Age of Miracles is on it’s way!

After nearly 20 years out of print and unfinished, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham are going to bring Miracleman to a conclusion this fall. Returning along with Colorist D'Israeli and Letterer Todd Klein, Gaiman and Buckingham are going to bring us back to an age of Miracles, starting with the

Marvel’s DEADPOOL VS. THANOS # 1 is Coming In September!

And you thought Deadpool’s movie was coming soon! Marvel Comics is about to unleash a whole bunch of whoop-ass with a four-issue battle royal between Wade Wilson (aka, Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth) and Thanos, the Mad Titan, who likes to sport his jewel-encrusted gloves. It appears as though Death, the

Featured Cosplayer | Lyz Brickley & Darshelle Stevens

Welcome back to the Geek News Network’s Featured Cosplayer page! This is where we introduce you to cosplayers that you should know about. This week, we here at GNN would like to introduce you to Lyz Brickley. Lyz is an amazing cosplayer, model, and nerd coming from California. Starting out as a