10 Comic Books to Buy This Week: 08/08/12

I can tell you this Thursday I am going  have the meanest Batman hangover ever….

Anyway here is a list of nine books that should be on your radar!


1. Godzilla Half Century War #1

– (Check out the preview here) Only two reasons I can think of why you should pick this up: (1) Orc Stain creator Jame Stokoe is writing, drawing and coloring this bad boy and his artwork is jaw dropping. I couldn’t be more excited for this! (2) C’mon Godzilla rules.batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

2. Batman #12

-It’s the epilogue for ‘The Court of Owls’ and the next major storyline starts here! This is a spotlight issue on who is Harper Row. If you can remember she is the punk rocker girl who helped Batman back in issue #7. Lastly Greg Capullo is taking time off of this issue, but not to worry we get a special treat from the lovely Becky Cloonan (Conan,Demo). I walked past her at San Diego Comic Con  this year but was too shy to say hi…..batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

3. American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #3

-Dracula has been freed and is causing all kinds of chaos. He is spreading his influences to all vampires across the globe. Felicia’s child Cashel McCogan is picking this influence and it can only get worse for Felicia and Agent Hobbes. You literally can’t go wrong with Scott Snyder and the art by Dustin Nguyen only adds to this amazing book.batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

4. Fantastic Four #609

-Sadly, it’s getting closer and closer till the end of Jonathan Hickman’s run on FF. The Defenders are on a trip to the future and only the Fantastic Four can help. Lastly, Ryan Stegman’s (Scarlet Spider) pencil work is stellar!batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

5. Batman and Robin #12

-The main event is finally here: Batman & Robin vs. Terminus. Who will win? Judging by the cover it seems like we already have a winner….batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

6. Creep #0

– This book is about a detective investigating teen suicides who suffers from acromegaly — a real-life condition that affected Andre the Giant and others. This book seems promising and  writer John Arcudi did an amazing job on A God Somewhere. Lastly, issue #0 will feature cover artwork by the master himself–FRANK MILLER!batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

7.  Captain America #16

– Its only seems like we just had a Captain America book, which we did two weeks ago, but Ed Brubaker is back at it with the Discordian attack on US soil. It’s up to Captain America to save the day but he is having problems thanks to journalist Reed Braxton. I will be sad when Brubaker is finally off the book but not to worry, Rick Remender/JRJR will be taking this over in November. Read all about it here.batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

8. Batman Arkham Unhinged #5

-This issue will focus on the origin of Arkham City characters Hammer and Sickle, which might have connections to HUSH? Artist Juan Jose Ryp has been awesome so far granted he started off doing erotic comic books!

batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

9. Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E #12

– This is the end of the ‘SON OF SATAN’S RING’ story arc and we also find out who the mole is inside of S.H.A.D.E! Also I might stand alone on this but I love Alberto Ponticelli’s artwork.batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

10.  Batman Black & White Statue Dick Grayson By Jock

– I am going to cheat here and recommend this statue of Dick Grayson as Batman. This statue was designed by Jock using only monochromatic colors, which Jock is the master at. This statue depicts Dick Grayson’s acrobatic abilities as the Dark Knight. This is a must for any Batman Fan!batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel

batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel



batman, Dark Horse, dc comics, image, marvel
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