Glendale, AZ – Saboten is only a little over a week away! So I took the opportunity to put a TOP 10 List together to why you need to be at Saboten next weekend. But before I begin the countdown let me give a brief shout out to one of the best events year after year in the Valley of the Sun!

I have been to Saboten for a couple of years now and it keeps getting better every year. This year the event has moved from their previous location from the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix to the Glendale Renaissance in Glendale. Despite moving further west from the rest of the valley, I believe the event will still bring in another record attendance. The reason for this is not only because of its growing popularity but the quality of an event the convention staff brings year in and year out. From volunteers to management, guests to events, they provide you with the best show for your money’s worth with a professional and knowledgable staff to boot. I am looking forward to another great event!

With that said, lets continue to the countdown…



10. Otaku Closet:

  • For only $5, rent some space to sell your unwanted Anime stuff.
  • 7pm-11pm (Sat, Sept 1 & Sun, Sept 2). Click the link for more details.


9. Gaming: AZHP Gaming

  • They have run the video gaming rooms at over 40 events and conventions in the southwest US since 2006 and they’ll be bringing their A game to SabotenCon 2012 with over 20 total setups in a 3000 square foot area!
  • This year they’ve partnered with Boson Inc, Aqua Red Clothing, Evil Controllers, University of Advancing Technology and Team hAZmat for some amazing tournament prizes!


8. Cosplay Guests: Pikman Link, Chris Tang, Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

  • Check out this post by GNN with more details about these 3 guests HERE.


7. Contests:

  • Badge Art – Check out the winners HERE
  • Cosplay Photo – Contest is for cosplayers who enjoy showing off their costumes, acting out the characters, or for photographers who enjoy capturing images of cosplayers in the form of photographs.
  • Paper Crafting – Saboten’s first ever Paper Crafting competition! Do you have what it takes?
  • Project J-Runway – Project Runway with a Japanese Fashion twist. This year’s theme: “The Desert”.


6. Artists: Armand Villavert Jr, Jolene Houser, Andy Bohn, Hiveworks, David Doub


5. Cafe:

  • Maid Cafe – Come get entertained by the amazing maids and butlers from At Your Service Maid Cafe. This event will be held on Saturday (9/1) from 12:00pm – 3:00pm and will cost $10 to enter.
  • Sailor Moon Cafe – Come get entertained by the amazing girls from Team Kissu Cafes as they present to you the Sailor Moon Cafe.  This cafe will be held on Sunday (9/2) from 12:00pm – 3:00pm and will cost $10 to enter.
  • Lolita Tea Party – Ahoy there lads and lassies! Dress in yer finest frilly sea farin’ wears and come and weigh yer anchors at the finest tea party this side o’ the Pacific! This event will be held on Monday (9/3) from 1:30pm – 4:00pm and will cost $10 to enter.


4. Dances/Concerts:

  • Sabo Raves – SaboLight (Sat 9/1), SaboDark (Sun 9/2)
  • Steampunk Ball aka Cactuar Ball – The theme says it all. Final Fantasy steampunk style! Free entry to boot!
  • Anime Orchestra – Play in an orchestra at Saboten! The Symphonic Anime Orchestra is recruiting. Fill out an application HERE. Rehearsals in the mornings of Sabo. Concert on Monday afternoon.
  • Kazha – Come listen to the amazing music from this awesome Japanese band!


3. Special Events:

  • J-Fashion Show – Show off your favorite Japanese fashion, handmade or bought. More info on the link.
  • Masquerade – Show off your amazing costuming and performing talents. Compete in AZ’s largest Masquerade.
  • AMV Contest – Enter your AMV for the following categories: Action, Drama, Comedy, Trailer. There will be 1st/2nd place prizes and an Audience’s Choice Award given to the best AMV voted on by the audience.
  • Club Sabo – Looking for a place to relax after a long day at the convention and are over the age of 18?  Come to ClubSabo and kick back and relax as you get entertained by the Stray Sheep Lounge.  If you are 21 or older you can also enjoy the service of the bar.


2. Special Guests: Phil  LaMarr, Troy Baker, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Richard Epcar, Ellyn Stern, Kevin McKeever


And without further ado….









1. Akira Yamaoka and the Silent Hill Concert!!

  • Do I need to say more? This is one of the main reasons we at GNN are going!
  • Click on the links for more details about Akira’s panel and concert.


 Hope you enjoyed our TOP 10 LIST! Have fun and be safe at Saboten Con. See you all there!!!



About Saboten Con:
Saboten Con will be held on September 1- 3 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel in Glendale, Arizona. This will be our 5th year as the largest Anime Convention in Arizona. Our goal is to build on all the amazing previous years with more exciting programming, more guests, and more things to do. For more information or register, visit





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