In this installment of the 12 PACK, Neil and James get a little help from their friend, Max from Beers, Beards & Bastards (While our 3rd Drunk Geek, Nick Grover, is on hiatus) and he brings a really cool toy that every beer lover needs to own!
This episode includes:
  • From Glee Clubber to “Fastest Man Alive, Gary Gustin is cast as THE FLASH
  • It’s a Jurassic World after all
  • G4 is only mostly dead
  • Better Call Saul! We got news on the BREAKING BAD spinoff
  • The ZAHNiverse is expanding with his new game… Parallax
  • A steampunk dream come true! AIRSHIPS
  • Go V’ger Go!
  • You might experiance some shrinkage in Alaska
  • Flight 666 to HEL

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Cheers and enjoy!

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Episode Art Credit: Jeff Jones:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Driven-Design/166324230036 / http://drivendesign-phx.com/


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