In this episode of 3DG, Neil and James are once again joined by Ryan from Pop Culture Paradise, as he acts as a surrogate “drunk geek” for the still absent Nick Grover. However, they have lots of fun in this jam packed episode as Ryan tells them all about the world of comic books and how you can become a comic book nerd too! James gives us a recipe for a delightful pumpkin twist on an old classic cocktail and Neil has a rather awesome “DO WANT”. Not to mention this episode’s SNACKSPLOITATION as the geeks take on the salty novelty treat of “Bacon-Pop” with some surprising results.
Also if you answered this episode’s QUESTION OF THE NOW (Who is your favorite comic book character?) Be sure and listen to find out if you won and how you can claim your ThinkGeek Gift Certificate!
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Episode Art Credit: Jeff Jones:
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