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buddha board

After receiving my own Buddha Board, I was honestly a bit skeptical. Is this board really going to help me find inner peace and clear my mind?

Being an editor for the site as well as having a full-time day job, my schedule tends be packed spending most of the day in front of a screen with little time to enjoy the little things. The free time I rarely get, is spent absorbing media that is necessary to my position on the site so even then, I’m not necessarily free from the confines of my daily screen time.

Statistically, the average person spends 11 or more hours a day on screen time, according to MarketWatch. Between work, streaming services, social media and more, it’s getting more difficult to step away from our devices which I can attest to.

Willing to give the Buddha Board a chance, I dedicated a day out of my weekend to really unplug and reflect on the art created. To avoid looking at my computer screen while painting, I also purchased a calligraphy book from a local bookstore.

All I can say is that it brought me back to simpler times when the only cares in the world I had were getting good grades and doing chores. In hindsight, those daily routines were therapeutic to a degree which the board captures very well helping you focus on the moment.

I’d recommend getting the Buddha Board and having 1-2 hour sessions for at least a couple times a week. It’ll help change up the pace of your ever increasing screen time and appreciate the moment as well as the world around you more.

buddha board

More Info:

With three sizes to choose from, Buddha Board let’s you “paint” with water and then watch as it slowly disappears. Create again and again while valuing the here and now.

A tranquil way to be in the moment, Buddha Board is a relaxing way to reduce screen time while also unwinding from a long day or enjoying a peaceful break. It’s no wonder Barnes & Noble named it a top 20 gift idea!

Buddha Board features:

  • Great for all ages.
  • Inspires relaxation and creativity.
  • Encourages being in the moment.
  • Allows for “painting” without the mess.
  • Ideal gift for Mother’s Day, graduation, Father’s Day, teachers, birthday and more.
  • Three sizes to choose from.
  • Great for spring break and summer travel. 

Choose from three sizes: Original  Buddha Board at 12”x9.5”x1/4”, Enso at 10” x 10” and Mini Buddha Board at 5”x5”x1/5” for easy portability during spring break and summer travels.

Let your mind be screen free and enjoy being in the moment with Buddha Board!

$34.95 for the Original Buddha Board
$24.95 for the Enso
$14.95 for the Mini Board

Available at buddhaboard.com and Amazon.

buddha board
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