A look at the newest gaming convention in Phoenix, Arizona!

Cara Nicole, Toni Darling, Summer Skye, Heather Lynn, and Stephanie Steele give you an inside look at Vul-Con 2012.

Some featured games include Rise, Legend of the Lost Dutchman, Serpent Stone, Monster Commute, Bushido, and Zombie Dice.

They also interview James, the Gamer of the Year!

Special appearances by Bry Squires of Phoenix Comicon, Todd VanHooser of Laughing Moon Chronicles, and Marco Regalado of Pop Culture Paradise (he does his moneymaker dance by the way).

Brought to you by Geekssociated Press & Photos By Tatiana.











For more info on the upcoming 2012-2013 season, check out their website at www.vul-con.com

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